Tuesday, February 17, 2009

past tense payment

Just paid the ticket for my accident. This puts my total investment into an accident that has been deemed not my fault not only by my insurance company, but by the person who caused it and the woman who "witnessed" "me" causing and later recanted, at $2,200. All on a student loan that should've gone to pay for two more classes of seminary study. Awesome!

Here are some lines I like a lot:

Are we forever the prisoner of our actions?
It's a good question.
It was Hamlet's question.
And it's the unresolvable conflict in our penal system.
Why do we put people in jail?
To rehabilitate them, and restore them to our company?
Or to punish them, regardless of how much they might change?
One can't hold both of these ideas in one's mind simultaneously--that's why our prison debates on TV and in Congress are so vehement and incoherent.
The two sides cannot be squared by mere politics.

--from This American Life's special on Prison Performing Arts based in St Louis Missouri

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Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

Oh Ira...be still my beating heart.