Monday, February 16, 2009

two weeks busy

Last week felt so long... not because it eeked by, but because the days were so packed. Clyde went to and was released from the hospital, I had my first lunch with my study buddy, Interfaith Youth Core came from Chicago for training, my zoomie Greg led worship on Thursday, and I attended the College Board of Trustees meetings on Friday. Oh, and I made something like five dozen cupcakes. And we volunteered at the animal shelter after making a crazy vegan Valentine's brunch of biscuits and gravy, eggless frittata with asparagus and sundried tomatoes, and seven-spice potatoes. And there was Team WECI Basketball. Not to mention all that time spent helping/cheering along Nathaniel with his application. And the 100-mi radius potluck last night. And I co-taught first-day school yesterday in preparation for going-it-alone in March. Sigh! I'm gonna stop before I remember anything else. :)

Unfortunately I did not get much done in the way of thesis work. It was very much one of those weeks where I allowed myself to get pulled hither and thither with extra-curricular activity and did not take time to ground myself in my studies. Heck, I didn't even make class Thursday morning because I was so sleepless Wednesday night. I'm recommitting to my work this morning... getting up and out at 8:45 was a good start. I'm about to clean off the whiteboard and make my weekly calendar before listing a bunch of books for sale online. I desperately need cash and am thinking of getting back into, actually.

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